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"The coming years will see growth in the demand for roles that machines cannot fulfill and rely on intrinsically human traits such as empathy."

Klaus Schwab, Chairman, World Economic Forum

Empathy adds to one's competitive advantage in a tech-driven world

Empathy refines character and nurtures contentment

Empathy enhances
day-to-day personal and professional efficiency

At the Empathy University®, we believe empathy holds the key to unlocking extraordinary possibilities.

Immerse yourself in our world of experiential workshops and transformative courses, where you'll unravel the subtleties of empathy and the art of listening, engage in powerful coaching sessions to unlock psychological well-being, and embark on a journey of discovery through the profound realm
of culture and inclusion consulting.

Experience empathy like never before – it's time to rewrite the story of workplace connection.

Our Impact

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"My favourite part of the workshops were the discussions we had, where we revisited moments of life, re-analysed them on the basis of newly acquired knowledge, applied various techniques to practice empathy and shared our insights with the rest of the group. 


It has been two years since the course. How much it changed my relationship with myself and others at work, at home, and in other social circles is incredible. When I look back at how I dealt with difficult moments, I can clearly see how my learnings from the course helped me navigate and communicate in empathic ways."




Certification Programs

Ignite your leadership potential with our immersive certification programs -  the Certified Empathic Professional® program (CEP) and our Certified Empathy and Inclusion Facilitator  Program. Dive into our carefully constructed courses, where leaders and professionals uncover the transformative power of everyday empathy and inclusion in small, intimate groups through personalised coaching and deep reflective work.

Live Sessions



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Training & Workshops

Did you know that 83% of employees would consider leaving their current organization for a more empathic organization?

- Businessolver “State of Empathy” survey, 2020   

Supercharge productivity, retain your A-team,

cultivate strong bonds, forge a sanctuary of trust, and increase your ROI - all powered by our bespoke experiential workshops and transformative interventions.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Cultivate an environment where your employees and stakeholders find meaning and fulfillment in their work lives. Our comprehensive wellness programs prioritize the mental and emotional well-being of your workforce, recognizing that when individuals feel supported and valued, they become more engaged, motivated, and productive.


Consulting & Advisory Services

Choose from our comprehensive suite of diversity and inclusion solutions. From developing a holistic DEI strategy and implementing targeted talent acquisition plans to establishing effective diversity councils and optimizing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), we guide organizations on a transformative journey. 

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