"The coming years will see growth in the demand for roles that machines cannot fulfill and rely on intrinsically human traits such as empathy."

- Klaus Schwab, Chairman, World Economic Forum

Empathy adds to one's competitive advantage in a tech-driven world

Empathy refines character and nurtures contentment

 Empathy enhances day-to-day personal and professional efficiency

The Empathy University (TEU) is a one-stop solution for your empathy education requirements. Get coached through deeply personal and experiential techniques in small groups, ensuring in-depth learning and meaningful transformations.

Empathic Efficiency Certification Programme 

The EECP is a unique 3-month online certification program that brings together individuals in small groups from across domains and regions to experientially master empathy in both personal and professional lives at several levels.


Live Sessions






Experiential Workshops and Webinars

Did you know that 83% of employees would consider leaving their current organization for a more empathic organization?

- Businessolver “State of Empathy” survey, 2020   

TEU's customized training interventions for institutions/organizations cover a wide range of concepts such as design thinking and leadership, with an intentional emphasis on empathy as the core competency.

Consultation Projects

Did you know that 82% of CEOs believe that a company’s financial performance is tied to empathy?

- Businessolver “State of Empathy” survey, 2020   

TEU provides consultation services to institutions/organizations seeking solution-focused strategies around empathy in the areas of group dynamics, stress management, organizational culture building, diversity & inclusion, and so on.


Meet The Team


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Chief Facilitator

Jennifer Pinto

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Digital Manager

Nimitha Francis

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Client Manager

Lidewij Niezink, PhD

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Rajiv Narayana

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Katherine Train, PhD

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